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Look at all the ways you can help support our Mission!


Capital Improvements

Friends raise funds for capital improvement projects of the Florida Maritime Museum. 


Currently we are raising capital for Phase III of the Reimagination of permanent exhibits.  Stop in to see Phase I and II of the renovations or click below to see updates directly from the Museum.


Consider donating to help preserve Florida’s Maritime Culture. We appreciate your support!

share, Share, SHARE!

Make a difference to our Mission!


It’s Easy.


SHARE our Facebook page with your friends and invite them to LIKE us. This helps to build an audience of like minded folks who also care about Florida’s maritime culture. 

If you're unsure about the process click below for quick and easy instructions.


Community Conservation

We love to share knowledge. 


It is important that our community, the State of Florida, and the world know about issues that affect our waters.


If you haven't seen us communicate or post about issues you're interested in relevant to Florida waters, send us a message! We stay neutral on all topics; our committee reviews topics for appropriateness before sharing. 


Together we can make a difference in preserving Florida’s marine environment.

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  • Facebook
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